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When purchasing a snowplow, it’s more than just a plow – it’s an investment. Accessorizing your FISHER plow with genuine, factory-tough accessories is one of the best, most affordable ways to protect your investment. Designed to enhance performance, increase longevity and reduce damage (both to your plow and your client’s property), FISHER accessories allow you to maximize efficiencies while giving you the flexibility to meet the specific demands of each unique property. Learn about how you can customize your plow with these must-have accessories to make your plow perfect when the conditions aren’t.

  1. Blade Wing Kit
    Increase your plow’s carrying capacity by adding a pair of blade wings. They quickly bolt on to your plow, extending the plowing width anywhere from 12 inches and up to 21 inches, depending on the plow model. To capture more snow, blade wings extend forward at an angle between 35 and 60 degrees, reducing the amount of spill off on long passes. It’s easy to understand why these add-on wings are so popular!

  2. Curb Guard Kit
    Curbs can come out of nowhere, and before you know it, you’ve damaged the outside edge of your plow. Get closer to curbs and protect your investment with curb guards. These easy to install curb guards fasten tightly to the blade and are made of abrasion-resistant material. Protect the outer edge of your plow so you can plow along curbs with confidence.

  3. Deflectors
    Snow flying over the top of your plow onto your windshield can reduce your visibility, especially with dry powdery snow and extra windy conditions so deflectors that fasten to the top of the blade are a wise investment. Available in rubber, poly or steel, deflectors are easy to install and one of the fastest ways to increase visibility, which provides a safer and more enjoyable ride. They also give the plow a powerful, professional look without affecting your ability to stack snow.

  4. Shoe Kit
    Gravel roads, dirt roads or heavily faulted pavement can grab at your blade, leading to uneven wear. An easy-to-install shoe kit lets you easily raise the blade height to clear gravel and uneven surfaces with minimal plow damage, extending the life of your cutting edge and giving you the freedom to plow over many surfaces with confidence. When you are plowing a hard, flat surface like asphalt or concrete, High Wear Application Shoes can help extend the life of your base angle or cutting edge by increasing the surface area in contact with the road. Whether it is soft surfaces or abrasive ones, the right set of shoes can significantly improve your results.

  5. Cutting Edges
    Accessory cutting edges, offered in a wide variety of materials, help you tailor your plow to a wide variety of applications. Poly and rubber materials are optimal for decorative concrete or stone and help minimize the risk of damage. Thicker steel and carbide edges offer improved wear characteristics when plowing on aggressive surfaces found on roads and parkways. Contact your local dealer to help identify the right edge for your unique applications.

  6. Snowplow Control Cup Holder Mount
    Keep your truck cab ready for the next nor’easter with the Snowplow Control Cup Holder Mount, which effortlessly secures FISHER plow controls or your smartphone* on a flexible gooseneck mount for optimal, customizable positioning. The FISHER Snowplow Control Cup Holder Mount is a genuine, factory-tough accessory specifically designed and engineered to work with your FISHER controls and fit firmly into most size cup holders in your vehicle.
    *Snowplow controls and/or smartphone not included

Learn more about FISHER snowplow accessories or contact us to find out which ones are available for your specific plow.

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